class crandas.placeholders.Any(value, *, label=None, **kwargs)

Bases: object

Any placeholder

When used as an argument to a VDL query command that is authorized, indicates that the authorization applies to any possible value. For example, filtering with ==32 means that only filtering for equality to the specific value 32 is authorized; filtering with ==Any(32) means that filtering with any value instead of the concrete value 32 is authorized.

The Any placeholder does not tie the data type, e.g., when using an integer placeholder Any(1) in script recording, this also authorizes the use of a fixed-point value 2.0 when playing the script. However, the Any placeholder only allows to insert values, and not more complex expressions, e.g., when using the placeholder Any(1) in script recording, this does not authorized the use e.g. a column reference cdf["col1"].